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Welcome to Children’s Plus Foster Family Agency!

Our Purpose: Children’s Plus Foster Family Agency’s purpose is to provide a safe, healthy environment for children, to connect them to loving and caring parents who will foster their needs, and to provide resources and support to affect a smooth transition back into the children’s biological or adoptive homes or into adulthood    

Due to Covid-19 our office is on modified schedule: Mon – Thurs 9:00am -5:30pm
However, our office can be reached 24/7 at the following number 909-889-3930

Who is a Foster Parent?

  • Someone who is willing to nurture children in need. 
  • Someone who opens their home to keep a child protected, safe and secure.
  • Someone who is interested and dedicated to the growth and development of a child.
  • Someone who is willing to work as a member of our professional team.


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